Reservation and Rental Terms & Conditions

Terms & definitions

(i) Operator - MIRA Holiday Homes Rental LLC, a holiday homes rental operator based in Dubai registered under DED / DTCM license No. 929148;
(ii) Property – the accommodation indicated in the Reservation Form.
(iii) Guest or Guests – any individual(s) or organization(s), tourists, residents, people who come for work but do not have a resident visa, tour operator packages, clients of the online platforms such as AIRBNB and, reserving accommodation from the Operator for temporary usage on the basis of holiday home.

2. Vacation Homes – accommodation registered with the Dubai Tourism and Marketing Department and provided to tenants on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis with no encumbrances or registration of an Ejary agreement (long-term agreement).

Reservations. Check-in and check-out rules & regulations

1. Check-in time is 3 pm. Check-out time is 11 am. Early arrival from 0:00 am to 8:00 am is charged in the amount of the cost of the previous day, at early arrival from 8 am to 2 pm - 50% of the cost of the day. Departure is after the check - out time. In case of departure after 2 pm till 12 am, the charges of 1 night stay will be applied either.

2. Full payment for the rent is to be charged upon check-in.
3. Apartments are intended for temporary residence on a paid basis for the period agreed with the Mira Holiday Homes Administration. At the end of the agreed period, the resident guest is obliged to vacate the apartment.
3.1 The Guest is required to notify the Administrator about the exact time of departure at least 12 hours in advance.
3.2 The administrator will arrive at the apartment 20 minutes before the specified time to check the safety of the property, final settlement, return of the deposit amount.
3.3 Extensions for daily/weekly/monthly Tenants are to be confirmed 1/3/7 days prior to the check-out date respectively. Different rates may apply

Extension regulations

1. Extensions are subject to availability. Mira Holiday Homes LLC reserves the right to deny extension and offer the Tenant accommodation at a different unit, equivalent in value. Extension confirmation is final. If after the confirmed extension the Tenant changes his/her mind, the Security Deposit is forfeit and becomes non-refundable.
2. Extensions for daily/weekly/monthly periods Tenants are to be confirmed 1/3/7 days prior to the check-out date respectively. Different rates may apply.

Kids stay regulations

1. Accommodation of children over 6 years of age is possible in a separate bed.
2. An additional charge of 300 AED per person per night is applied when placing an adult on an additional bed.

Security Deposit and Damages

1. Deposit is 1000 AED. Deposit is a guarantee that the Guest will meet all obligations and payments under the terms of this Agreement. The deposit will be kept with Mira Holiday Homes Administration. If the Guest fulfils all obligations and payments under the terms of the signed Agreement, the deposit will be refunded upon check out and, in case, if the condition of the property is the same. Deposit does not replace accommodation or payment for additional paid services but is an independent condition of the Agreement. 2. In the event of a failure of the Guest to meet all obligations and payments under the terms of the signed Agreement, the deposit will be held until the final settlement of outstanding amount after the termination of the Agreement.
3. Mira Holiday Homes has the right to withhold a deposit in case if the guest does not pay:
a. Accommodation or additional paid services
b. The value of damaged or lost property's keys;
c. Fine for not complying with these Rules of residence in apartments of apartment type
d. or any Acts done by tenant contrary to the UAE Criminal and Administrative Code; Actions that defame the face of Mira Holiday Homes and diminish its reputation. 4. In case of property damage, the guest is obliged to fully compensate for the damage caused.
5. The administration of Mira Holiday Homes is not responsible for any valuables left in the apartment, not deposited to the administrator. 6. In the event of a complaint from guests, Mira Holiday Homes takes all possible measures to resolve it under the law.

A. Ensure the safety of the apartment and property;
B. Observe the order of living established in Mira Holiday Homes;
C. Keep the property clean and safe;
D. Strictly comply with fire safety regulations, including not smoking in the apartment;
E. Leaving, turn off electrical appliances and lighting, and close all windows and doors;
F. Be responsible for any damage or loss of Mira Holiday Homes' property by a guest or any third party present with a guest;
G. Immediately report any identified faults in the equipment and property to the Administrator.

A. Disturb other residents (neighbors), especially from 10 p.m. till 8 a.m.
B. Allow to stay any other third persons not specified in the contract, as well as give them the keys.
C. In case of any additional guests, the Mira Holiday Homes Administration must be informed in advance and should be approved. In case of approval, the additional charges will be applied.
D. Use amenities of Mira Holiday Homes (including bedding and towels) for any other purposes, take any amenities out of the apartment, spoil it, and rearrange the furniture.
E. Leave unattended open taps, electric stoves, switched on electric heaters and other appliances;
F. Store flammable materials, weapons, drugs;
G. Keep any pets in the property;

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Tenant is required to give the written cancellation notice in order to cancel a reservation made through our website, via phone calls, in-person, or through our partner channels. Written cancellation notice must be sent from your registered email address to bookings
General rules of our refund/cancellation policy are as follows:
1) Request is received at least 30-days prior to the check-in date.
Full refund is provided with AED 300 administrative charges deducted
2) Request is received less than 30-days prior to check-in date
In case you cancel your reservation less than 30-days before check-in date, 100% Total Accommodation Charge Plus administrative charge of AED 300 is retained by Operator.

For all bookings originating from accommodation internet platforms such as or – such requests shall be made via respective partner channel only.

Please note, below general cancellation/refund rules apply to all reservations unless otherwise agreed in written between the Guest and the Company.

*Company keeps the right to withdraw security deposit / down-payment / reservation fee / rental amount / administrative charge against the cancellation to cover all the charges as mentioned above.


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